About Us

About Us

Study in Italy Days

The "Study in Italy Days" event organized by Firenze International Education opens the doors to educational opportunities in Italy.

Firenze Education brings together thousands of students with education in Italy every year with its expert staff and strong university network. Its experienced team offers reliable service to students in realizing their educational dreams.
  • Expert in Education in Italy since 1995
  • Official Application and Preparation Center for Italian Universities
  • Turkish and Italian experienced consultants
  • MEB Italian Language Course and CILS Exam Center
Our Service


Strong University Network

28 years of cooperation and official representations with State and Private Universities.

Personalized Consultancy

Find the right university and program with your Firenze Education consultant !

Apply with Firenze Education!

Apply advantageously to all universities in Italy.

Expedited Easy Acceptance

Participate in Firenze Education's special rapid admission days and apply with advantage !

Preparation Courses

Prepare for Italian Universities exams with Firenze Education !

Italian Course

Online education for students who want to study Italian !

CILS Exam Center

Take the Siena University Italian language proficiency exam at Firenze Education.

Scholarship Consultancy

Apply for success and financial scholarships with Firenze Education !

I want to apply to the best Italian universities with Firenze Education.


I want to prepare for Italian university exams with Firenze Education.

You can prepare for all entrance exams of Italian universities with Firenze Education group preparation courses or one-on-one private lessons. Our trainings are online. The language of instruction may be English or Italian. Achieve success with Firenze Education preparation courses.
  • Rich Educational Resources
  • Mock Exams
  • Online Education
  • Expert Instructors