Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I participate in the Study in Italy Days event?
    You can identify the universities that offer the departments you are interested in on the www.studyinitalydays.com website and make an appointment and meet with the officials of the universities you are interested in at the Intercontinental Hotel Taksim Istanbul at the time period you choose on Saturday, November 25.
  • How does the Study in Italy Days event work?
    By choosing the universities that offer the departments you are interested in when making an appointment, you can have a 5-10 minute conversation in person with these university officials and ask your questions without wasting any time during the event. Participation is free.
  • Where is the event held?
    The event will be held on Saturday, November 25, between 13:30 - 19:30 in the Intercontinental Hotel Taksim Istanbul Anadolu hall.
  • When and between what hours is the event held?
    The event will be held on Saturday, November 25, between 13:30 - 19:30 in the Intercontinental Hotel Taksim Istanbul Anadolu hall.
  • How can I attend seminars?
    You can make an appointment by selecting the seminars you are interested in on the www.studyinitalydays.com website and attend the 20-25 minute presentations given by university officials in English for free.
  • What is the content of meetings with universities?
    Since the meetings will be in person, you can ask questions on any subject you are curious about.
  • Can I attend both seminars and university interviews?
    Yes, you can both hold meetings and attend seminars. 
  • Can I attend the event without an appointment?
    Participation in the event requires an appointment. When making an appointment, you will be able to determine the universities that offer the departments you are interested in, thus preventing loss of time during your visit.
  • How to apply for a school after the event?
    You can apply to all universities and schools participating in the event with Firenze Eğitim. You can prepare for the exams of the departments that have entrance exams with Firenze Eğitim courses. Many university applications are made free of charge and advantageous  with Firenze Education. You can reach us via info@firenze.com.tr and 0216 3022455 and request a meeting online or in our office.
  • Which universities can I apply to for free with Firenze Eğitim?
    You can apply free of charge to all universities listed below with Firenze Eğitim.
  • How can I get support during my application?
    You can make an application by determining the universities that suit you with our expert consultants and checking your required documents without missing the application period. You can benefit from the services we offer regarding post-acceptance registration procedures, accommodation, visa and residence permit.
  • What is the advantage of applying with Firenze Eğitim?
    Firenze Eğitim, which has been placing students in Italy since 1995, has special agreements with many universities. For this reason, when applying for many departments, our students do not pay the application fee charged by universities and benefit from special application periods. As a result of the meticulous control of your file, you benefit from our high acceptance and scholarship rates. You will not experience any communication gap by applying with the expert consultant you receive information from. Firenze Eğitim also offers all its services online.
  • Which programs can I get accepted to without taking the exam?
    For programs that you can get accepted to without taking the exam with your application file, write to us info@firenze.com.tr
  • Can only parents attend? Does the student also have to participate?
    Parents can participate by making an appointment without being a student.
  • What kind of training programs can I get information about?
    You can get information about undergraduate, graduate, certificate and short courses offered at 30 distinguished universities in Italy. You can also get information about Italian language courses and university exam preparation programs in Italy.
  • Are there any documents I need to bring with me?
    Students interested in design and art departments can bring their drawings and portfolios with them or show them digitally if they want to get comments.
  • What is the duration of education in Italy?
    University education in Italy lasts 3 years. A 2-year master's degree must also be completed in Engineering and Architecture departments; The training period for Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy and Law is 5 years, and for Medicine and Dentistry it takes 6 years.
  • What are the tuition fees in Italy?
    Annual tuition fees at public universities range from 800€ to 3900€. Private universities start from 10,000€.
  • What are the living costs in Italy?
    The recommended monthly expenditure for the student is around 1100€.
  • What are the scholarship opportunities in Italy?
    Universities have success scholarships, talent scholarships, financial support discounts and early registration discounts. You can learn about the opportunities related to your department from Firenze Eğitim info@firenze.com.tr
  • Do I have to know the Italian language to study in Italy?
    The language of instruction of many programs in private and public Italian universities is English. All departments also have Italian classes.
  • If I want to study Italian, how can I prepare?
    Some Italian universities have preparatory classes. You can also learn Italian with online classes or online one-on-one private lessons at the Firenze Eğitim Language Course and take the CILS Italian language proficiency exam accepted by universities.
  • What are the accommodation options in Italy?
    You can rent a room in private student dormitories, shared houses or rent an independent studio apartment. Information about the options in the city you will go to is shared with students who apply through Firenze Eğitim. Early application for accommodation is recommended.
  • When do I need to apply for Italy?
    Application periods for universities and departments vary. Early applications are advantageous. You can benefit from discounts by participating in our advantageous Fast Track days, especially for Design, Art and Media departments. The deadline for application for Fast Track days is mid-December.
  • What is Firenze Eğitim support for the departments I will apply with a Portfolio?
    You can get support from Firenze Eğitim consultants during the portfolio preparation process. You can increase your chances of getting accepted and earning a scholarship by evaluating the portfolio format and commenting on your work. This service is free for students applying through Firenze Eğitim.